Dr. Biong Kuol Deng

Associate Professor and Dean, School of Law.

Welcome Message from the Dean

Welcome to School of Law. Besides offering best legal education in the country, we are dedicated to ensuring competence-based learning through impactful, high-quality legal research. As the fastest-growing institution among the time-honored academic community, our resolve to offer a global standard is discernible in our provision of across-the-board legal knowledge. This is established in the courses we offer ranging from constitutional law, criminal and civil procedures, contract law, environmental law, intellectual property, customary and family law, international laws and human rights, among others. We offer our students conducive leaning environment to gain best knowledge and stimulate practical skills by engaging them in moot-court sessions where they are exposed to practice presenting on cases as well as academic seminars where you will be engaged in writing genuine journal articles.

To live up to this purpose, the administration has successfully recruited reputable teaching staff of highest academic standing to engage over 900 students in quality, problem-solving education. It is, however, our primary objective to lay a historic foundation for our students from LL. B, Post-graduate and Masters programs. With your interest to joining and learning with us, we look forward to warmly receiving you and have you enjoy our best offers.